Image 0 - Cima dell'Adula (Rheinwaldhorn) - 3402 m
Image 1 - Cima dell'Adula (Rheinwaldhorn) - 3402 m

Cima dell'Adula (Rheinwaldhorn) - 3402 m

The Rheinwaldhorn is familiarly known as the Adula to the people living in Ticino. What’s the Adula? It is the highest mountain in Ticino and for this reason it is pervaded by the irresistible fascination that normally surrounds great heights. Is it also the most beautiful in the kingdom? Beautiful it is indeed, with its gentle lines and its perennial white mantle to the North; furthermore it may be described as majestic, vast, noble, exceptionally panoramic and bold.

Route from the Adula SAC (CAS) and UTOE mountain huts From the SAC hut (2012 m) follow the trail that leads to the UTOE hut (2393 m), then proceed in the S-SE direction on the morainic ridge that divides the Carassino valley from the Soi valley. This path then turns N-NE, ascends the above-mentioned ridge and the rocky belt of the Giairón and gets lost on the stony terrain of the Cima della Negra. Now continue on the northern side of the Vadrecc di Bresciana, keeping under the rocks of the Grauhorn. When in proximity of 3253 m in altitude ascend the N-NW ridge of the Rheinwaldhorn and follow it to the very summit on snow. Descent by the same route. We recommend being accompanied by an Alpine Guide.

Distance: 5.45 km
Elevation difference: 1403 m
Length: from the (CAS) SAC hut 4.30 hours
Length: from UTOE hut 3.00 hours
CNS: 1253

Excerpt from the book "Guide to the Ticinese Alps" 3
From the Gotthard Pass to Pizzo Claro
by Giuseppe Brenna