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Panettone ticinese

Bearer of Christmas cakes leavened dough of great quality, the cake is made with the ancient technique of spontaneous fermentation. What boasts the trademark and awarded by the Company master bakers, pastry cooks and confectioners of the Canton Ticino (SMPPC-Ti), is one of the glories of our confectionery craft.

A beautiful reality that regulates the production of panettone Ticino. It is the "hallmark of quality" created in 1999 by SMPPC to distinguish the artisanal panettone.

The brand requires its users to respect the parameters set by the Regulation, in particular the exclusive use of natural yeast, butter and natural flavors, no coloring, preservative and softener. Since it was introduced the brand, the quality of the cake (but also dove Ticino crafts and other products) is still growing, thanks to the training courses offered by the professional commission.

Here in completely random order, the bakery-pastry shops that have achieved this year the authorization to use the mark: Maffeis in Breganzona, Al Porto in Locarno, Munger in Lugano-Paradiso, Begna Minusio, Sanzo Tenero, Marina in Lugano, Fischbach in Castel San Pietro, Grisons in Chiasso, Mella in Brione Verzasca, the baker's in Mendrisio, white art in Lugano, Antognini Sergio Vira Gambarogno Riciliano in Lugano, Pinotti Sandro in Ascona, Danes in Melano, Radaelli Umberto Caslano, Vanini in Lugano, Steib Canonica in Grancia, Michele Zocchi in Mezzovico, Titian Melide, Philippona Alain Berzona, the baker's in Lugano, Poncini in Maggia.