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Capanna Gorda

Come and discover GORDA UNDER THE STARS! You can sleep in a very special structure, equipped with large windows through which you can observe the starry sky!

The hut Gorda, located at 1800 m a.s.l., rises in a wide pasture above the houses of the Gorda Mountains.

The first hut was built of wood in 1965, then replaced in 2000 with the present building in brick and wood, on two floors, full kitchen, dining room, bathroom and shower modern and functional.
The owner of the hut is the Alpine Society Eagle's Nest (SANDA).

The view from the cabin is spectacular over the Adula and across the valley floor.

Since 2009, the hut is also equipped with a wind power plant.

You can reach the hut Gorda by road. From there you can do several beautiful hikes: Passo Bareta, Pian di Nara-Leontica, Bassa Nara-Leventina, Punta di Larescia (also known as Cima di Gorda or "Pilon"), where the Nido d'Aquila refuge is located.
For those unfamiliar with the area, obtain the map of the place (national map Olivone 1253) or ask the appropriate maps at the Tourist Office in Olivone.

The new path that leads from Gorda to Nara arrives at the Nara 2nd station of the chairlift.

  • Coord. GPS: 713,020 to 150,700
  • Beds: 30
  • Meals November to May: ability to cook individually
  • Drinks partly also in the absence of the guardian.

From Camperio or Campra: 1.30h from Aquila: 3h from Fontanedo: 30 min


Opening period, prices and other information: click here.



Winter season

During the winter season, it is possible to reach the Capanna Gorda on foot along a beaten path or via the Gorda-Express, a transport service between Camperio and the Capanna Gorda by snowmobile pulling a special sledge for transporting passengers (maximum 6 persons per trip). For the return journey to the valley, it is possible to descend on foot or by hiring a sledge directly at the hut.

During the winter, snowmobile transport service. In case of unfavourable weather or snow conditions, transport may be suspended. Additional equipment or luggage CHF 5. Medium-sized dogs CHF 8.

Passengers Camperio - Gorda  Gorda - Camperio 
5/6 CHF 28.- CHF 15.-
3/4  CHF 33.- CHF 20.-
1/2   CHF 40.- CHF 25.-


  • SERVICES Open in Winter , Bike Friendly , Guarded hut , Booking required
  • VENUES Suitable for families , Accommodation for groups