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Capanna Cremorasco

The Cremorasco Hut (1095 m.a.s.l.) is the ideal destination for family excursions, thanks to its easily accessible location and the spectacular view that can be enjoyed over the region below: on the one hand up to the islands of Brissago and the other beyond the Monastery of the Benedictines of Claro.

The hut has 10 beds, a kitchen with the possibility of cooking with gas or wood and a toilet with shower. Outside there is a fireplace with a grill.

The Cremorasco hut is easily accessible from many parts. You can go up from Isone to Alpe del Tiglio by car and continue on foot for about 15 minutes. Or you can start from Camorino passing through Gramosetto in 1h and 30 min. walk. Alternatively, passing through Camorino, there is the possibility to ascend by cable car to the Croveggia Mountains, which is three quarters walk from the destination.

From Cremorasco hut you can make several excursions:

  • Capanna Monte Bar, passing through Gola di Lago: a nice walk of about 5 hours. 
  • Capanna Valmaggina, located in the Morobbia Valley, 3 hours walk.
  • Up to Corgella (1703 m), a mountain top from which you can enjoy a wide panoramic view. 

For fans of history you can also visit the trenches dug just above the hut by troops under the orders of General Wille during the First World War.

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  • LOCATION Panoramic view
  • SERVICES Bike Friendly
  • FACILITIES Shower , Use of the kitchen area
  • VENUES Suitable for families