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Birdbox Curzútt

Fancy enjoying a night away from it all, right in the heart of the unspoiled landscapes of Ticino? Birdbox Curzútt in Bellinzona might just be what you’re looking for. Enjoy this magical experience and take some time to relax in stunning surroundings. The room sleeps two people and offers a range of amenities.

Birdbox – a room in the heart of nature

At Birdbox Curzútt, you can spend the night in the heart of nature, surrounded by vineyards, in a unique room built in a breathtaking location steeped in history. The room is just 45 minutes away from Carasc Tibetan Bridge – one of the main attractions in the Bellinzona area – and offers beautiful views of San Barnárd Church, a landmark of national importance. Boasting a range of amenities, Birdbox Curzútt is sure to be an unforgettable stay. Guests are invited to round off the evening with a delicious meal at the restaurant in Curzútt Hostel, just a stone’s throw away from Birdbox.

Through this significant and innovative project, the Curzútt-San Barnárd Foundation is embracing a major trend in the tourism industry. The concept of glamping – a combination of glamour and camping – describes a new type of accommodation that is both exciting and unique. Thanks to this new trend, luxury and exclusivity are no longer reserved for large opulent hotels; it is a sense of authenticity that sets this new type of small-scale accommodation apart.


Birdbox Curzútt can be reached easily with the Monte Carasso - Mornera cable car. It takes just over three minutes to reach Curzútt, the hamlet that is home to Birdbox and the first stop on the line. A cable car ticket for two people is included in the price of the accommodation. Further details will be provided at the time of booking. Please note: we recommend arriving early at busy times such as weekends. For information and bookings: [email protected] / + 41 91 835 57 23.

If you would rather reach us on foot, you can follow the signs from the cable car station in Monte Carasso. The walk takes approximately 45 minutes, with an elevation gain of 375 metres and a T2 difficulty rating.

Room and services

The room offers every comfort! There is a double bed complete with bedding (no need to bring a sleeping bag) as well as small and large towels, a bottle of water, two glasses, an umbrella, a torch and tissues. The toilet and shower facilities are for private use, situated approximately 150 metres from the room. A small table and two chairs are also available outside for guests to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Check in: between 2pm and 8pm
Check out: by 10am



Breakfast for two is included in the price of the room and is served in the Curzútt Hostel restaurant from 7.30am to 10am.