Image 0 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 1 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 2 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 3 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 4 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 5 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 6 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa
Image 7 - Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa

Verdasio - Palagnedra - Bordei - Rasa

Itinerary through dense woods touching a few small villages typical of Centovalli.

Depart from Rasa, a quaint 16th century village, located at 898 meters on a magnificent natural terrace surrounded by vast pastures and thick woods. A real gem, reachable by suspended cable car from Verdasio.

Leave Rasa and in just 15 minutes of downhill arrive in Terra Vecchia, a picturesque collection of old houses rebuilt in recent years after it had gone completely to ruins. From Terra Vecchia the trail descends further into a narrow valley and then up the other side until the small village of Bordei, with several beautiful restored stone houses. Between Bordei and Palagnedra the trail ascends, at times steeply, and descends, at the bottom of which you cross the creeks that flow down from the Ghiridone mountain. Once out of the woods, take the paved road to Palagnedra. In Palagnedra visit the church (Chiesa di San Michele), with frescoes of great value by Antonio da Tradate.

From here walk another hour on paved road to reach the Palagnedra Centovallina-train station, located on the other side of the valley, just above the artificial lake.


  • Hiking boots
  • Sun cap
  • Water-bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking map
  • Camera
  • Food


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