Casa Schira - Group accomodation

6661 Loco, +41 91 797 10 00

Casa Schira is a group hostel in the beautiful Onsernone Valley's main village of Loco. Long a well-kept secret, Valle Onsernone is on track to become the heart of Switzerland's second-ever National Park. 


Ideal for school groups and other groups seeking affordable lodging, Casa Schira offers easy access to a grocery store, nature hikes, and walks to the nearby rivers. It sleeps over 30 pe...

Partner Ticino Ticket

Overnighting here you receive the Ticino Ticket which includes free public transport in the entire Canton, every single day of your stay. It further offers advantages on the access to cable cars, navigations and main tourist attractions of the Ticino.

Size Number of rooms: 5, Number of beds: 35
VENUES Accommodation for groups
6661 Loco
Tel.: +41 91 797 10 00
starting from
CHF 50.00
€ 42.52
starting from
CHF 100.00
€ 85.05
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