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Grotto Sprüch

SPRÜCH - Dialect word meaning “shade under the rock”

The Osteria Grotto Sprüch is a hidden gem that embraces the essence of unspoilt nature. Situated in a scenic location on the edge of a forest, the cosy and homely atmosphere of the inn invites visitors to experience the beauty of rural life and traditional cuisine.

The sound of leaves rustling in the wind, birdsong and the view of the surrounding nature offer a feeling of peace and tranquillity. The main hall, carved into the rock and topped by a large stone, provides a feeling of protection and comfort. While the terrace covered by the shade of an American grape pergola creates the perfect setting for dinner under the stars.

The Osteria Grotto Sprüch is a perfect destination for spending a relaxing afternoon with friends and family, enjoying delicious local specialities and sipping a glass of wine.

In summer, visitors can enjoy the fresh mountain breeze, while in winter, the rustic and cosy atmosphere of the inn creates the perfect place to warm up by the fireplace.

In short, the Osteria Grotto Sprüch is a perfect retreat for those who seek a break from hectic city life and wish to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and traditional cuisine. An ideal destination for an authentic, unforgettable and invigorating experience for body and mind.


  • TYPE OF VENUE Grotto