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Al Grott Café

We are Located where the road of Resa Valley ends and the excursions to the most suggestive mountain places start (20 min. from Locarno). Lot of green and fresh air thanks to the Navegna river that flows from there till the Maggiore lake.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the open air tasting the most genuine local specialities.

The best cheese from our alps and a boccalino of red local wine, the traditional "taiada" with the best local Merlot is an amusing opportunity you find in our grotto (Traditional local Reastaurant) Polenta and beef brasato or gorgonzola is also available for your party if you prefer it to the the traditional BBQ.

A unique opportunity to taste our beloved Ticino.


  • TYPE OF VENUE Grotto , Restaurant
  • TYPE OF CUISINE Ticinese
  • LOCATION A few minutes from the lake and river
  • VENUES Balcony