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Viva Il Quartiere

The objective of this second edition is to continue the path that began with the first edition in August 2022, which saw the realization of 11 cultural events in the neighbourhood of Castagnola.

It is our opinion that the neighbourhoods and municipal spaces are the places where performative art can flow, helping them to become small cultural centres, meeting points, exchange points, stimuli for a new social fabric, for reflection within everyone's reach. The neighbourhoods and its spaces take on a cultural dimension in order to enhance the communication potential between citizens by rediscovering their desire to go out in their own neighbourhood. The proposal of cultural events with highly talented artists coming from the local area and from outside allows our country to grow, increasing the quality of the cultural life with a consequent increase in the satisfaction of our citizens.

The review:

-Intervalli (Intervals), Friday 18.11.2022, 8:30 pm, duration 70 minutes
-Da Socrate a Putin (From Socrates to Putin), Saturday 19.11.2022, 8:30 pm, duration 70 minutes
-Canto (Song), Sunday 20.11.2022, 5:00 pm, duration 70 minutes
-Non biancaneve (Not snow white), Friday 02.12.2022, 8:30 pm, duration 70 minutes
-The piano colours, Saturday 03.12.2022, 8:30 pm, duration 70 minutes
-Foresta (Forest), Sunday 04.12.2022, 5:00 pm, duration 70 minutes

As the availability of parking is limited, we invite participants to use public transport. Line 2 of the TPL bus, direction Castagnola.
Price of the single show within the review is CHF 15.-
Promotional package – CHF 40.- x 3 events.
Public transport facilitation: with the bus ticket reduction of CHF 2.- on the price of the single show.