Image 0 - Venetian Festival Lugano

Venetian Festival Lugano

The Venetian Lugano Festival is an extraordinary cultural and historical event, which in the past took place up to the year 1930.

On 29 April, we will be happy to share this magical moment in the centre of Lugano with the local public and tourists. They will be able to participate in our dances and have fun with us, along with all their friends.

This is a historical commemoration of an artistic, recreational and social nature, which for decades has seen Lugano's city centre transformed by the beauty of Venetian masks, popular dances and Venetian music, which, together with concerts, fireworks and rides on the boats of the Navigazione di Lugano, have enlivened the beautiful city on the Ceresio.

Unconscious of these facts, we proposed this event again in 2012 to the Lugano city administration, with success and to the delight of all citizens and tourists present.

We offered musical processions with approx. 100 wonderful Venetian masks, eighteenth-century dances on all the squares in the centre, in which the citizens present could also take part, and magnificent photo shoots, in the Parco Ciani.


  • OPENING Sat: 14:30 – 18:00
  • CATEGORIES Local festivals , Get-togethers