Image 0 - THE NIGHT AFTER by Yuri Catania
Image 1 - THE NIGHT AFTER by Yuri Catania
Image 2 - THE NIGHT AFTER by Yuri Catania
Image 3 - THE NIGHT AFTER by Yuri Catania

THE NIGHT AFTER by Yuri Catania

Yuri Catania's photographic project Black Flower Secret Garden, the flowers shot in the dark of night in his own garden at the foot of Monte Generoso in Rovio Valmara, after having travelled on display in the cities of New York, Zurich, Basel, Cologne, Milan, and before going on show in St. Petersburg at the Erarta Museum from 26/01/2023, passes through its starting point, Rovio in Ticino at the CasaGalleria.ART spaces.

Alongside the colourful photographic works portraying dormant nature in its most intimate and delicate beauty, the dreamlike and futuristic illustrations of The Night After series will be on show for the first time, featuring imaginary environments inhabited by astronauts created with 3D and artificial intelligence.

In this last year of work, Yuri Catania has felt the need to evolve his artistic thinking through the use of new forms of language in an attempt to establish a dialogue between nature in its natural beauty, the need to preserve it, and man's ambitious quest to conquer new worlds to inhabit such as the Moon and Mars where, however, nature is completely absent. A short circuit that takes the author on a creative journey dominated by gigantic flowers, space suits and imaginary characters, all set from photographs of his own garden. Some of the works are overpainted using the dripping technique.

An absolute novelty, for the first time Yuri Catania signs some works with his own DNA through an intelligent powder called SM.ART DUST produced by Natively Digital Physical technology thanks to the collaboration with Native Digital of the Swiss company Biondi Engineering SA.

The exhibition is set up completely in the dark and the works are explored through the use of LED batteries, the very same lights that the author uses to photograph his flowers in the dark of the night with a musical accompaniment between classical and futuristic to make the atmosphere even more evocative. The exhibition can be visited in a Metaverse created by the artist for an even more immersive experience.


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