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Sportissima 2023

Sportissima is dedicated to physical activity with the aim of promoting and spreading interest in movement for the benefit of one's health.

Everything is ready for the 17th edition of Sportissima, an event that is free and open to all, scheduled to take place in: Basso Ceresio (Brusino Arsizio, Riva San Vitale and Val Mara), Bellinzona, Biasca, Chiasso, Lugano, Mendrisio and Tenero-Contra.

Thanks to the 202 stations involving almost 2000 volunteers from the numerous sports clubs and federations present, it will be possible to try out a hundred disciplines: from American football to slackline, from BMX to sailing, from handball to fishing, in addition to all the more 'classic' sports activit, as well as all the more 'classic' sports activities.

Everyone will be able to find the activity they like best by following the minimum age for a given sporting activity, which is indicated in the programmes of the individual locations. There is no need to register; just turn up from 9.30 a.m. and... exercise!

You can't miss Sportissima... come and experience the excitement of sport!


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