Image 0 - Sebalter


6th April 2023, at  8.30 p.m.
Teatro Sociale, Bellinzona

Bellinzona-based singer-songwriter, violinist and lawyer Sebastiano Paù-Lessi (a.k.a. Sebalter) is now on his fourth album. And to officially present the songs to his audience, he returns to perform on stage at the Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, a venue with which Sebalter has a very special feeling. But what should we expect from his new album? Sebalter himself explains: 'In terms of genre, these new songs represent a synthesis of my latest work, where the electronic sounds that were very much present in the last album are merged with acoustic elements that return in a more pronounced way, in particular thanks to the violin and acoustic guitar'. Sebalter's solo career was definitively launched in 2014 when he represented Switzerland at the European Song Contest, taking 13th place with his song 'Hunter of Stars': it then entered the charts in more than 20 countries, including England, and garnered several million views on YouTube and Spotify. Sebalter has given concerts in Switzerland, Europe, Brazil and Cameroon. There is great interest among his many fans throughout Switzerland for this new album, which follows the Italophone turn of 'Gente simpatica'.



  • OPENING Thu: 20.45