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Sconfinare Festival 2022

Sconfinare Festival
30th September  - 2nd October 2022

Sconfinare Festival 2022: the third edition of the City of Bellinzona's cultural festival of culture and science

What do the study of a living cell, observed under a microscope, and the analysis of the vicissitudes experienced by the protagonist of a novel have in common? Are science and culture really two opposing worlds, or is the boundary separating them more permeable than it seems? This and much more will be the subject of the 2022 edition of the Sconfinare Festival, scheduled from 30 September to 2 October on the Piazza del Sole in Bellinzona.


After the positive feedback received in previous years, with almost 2,000 spectators who came to Bellinzona last autumn to attend the 15 events proposed during the 2021 edition, and another 700 connected users during the live streaming, Sconfinare Festival is ready to return to the Piazza del Sole stage with an even more stimulating programme.


During the weekend of 30 September - 2 October 2022, the transparent marquee that has now become the symbol of the Festival will come alive with new voices for a three-day event dedicated to trespassing. The thirteen scheduled appointments - which will be unveiled over the next few weeks through the Festival's social channels and the web page www.sconfinarefestival.ch - will combine, as tradition dictates, leading names from the international cultural scene with personalities linked to our territory, to create a programme destined to involve all audiences.

A rich calendar of events and numerous illustrious guests who, in the 2022 edition, will be called upon to reflect on the theme of the boundary separating culture and science, and their respective forms of encroachment. Where is the boundary that divides humanistic culture - in which our society today still largely recognises itself - from scientific culture, often synonymous with progress, security, future? How does the human being, with his thirst for knowledge and his constant search for beauty, stand in the face of these two disciplines, in an era in which boundaries are becoming more permeable and contamination more frequent?

To address these issues, this year's Turrita cultural festival will once again make use of a rich network of cultural and scientific partnerships. First and foremost, the collaboration with the collective of institutions (IRB, L'ideatorio, Fondazione Sasso Corbaro, OTR Bellinzona e Valli) that has conceived the exhibition Le molte facce del contagio (Castelgrande, 09.04-06.11.2022), in respect of which Sconfinare Festival wants to present itself as an ideal opportunity for in-depth study. No less important, then, will be the valuable synergies established with other cultural (Circolo del Cinema di Bellinzona, Storie Controvento, La Lanterna Magica, Circolo di Cultura di Bellinzona) and institutional (Liceo Cantonale di Bellinzona, Scuola Cantonale di Commercio, Biblioteca Cantonale di Bellinzona) partners.


While waiting to unveil the full programme, we invite you to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages and to visit www.sconfinarefestival.ch.