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Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia

Concept and objectives:
The first gathering of all Trail Running enthusiasts, some on their first outing, some experienced, some preparing for other events, on three spectacular routes that we propose and that will allow you to discover the Malvaglia Valley. Friendship, laughter, sport and above all passion for the mountains!
It's not a race, there is no starting time, no stopwatch, you set your own limit. We just give you an idea of how to end the day, in the company of "friends" at Capanna Quarnei from 13:00!

How to get there:
1) by car (parking spaces are limited):
Parking Cusié-Foppa: at the end of the dirt road.
Sharing a car can be a good idea! Parking is possible in Malvaglia Chiesa (white parking spaces). Use the comments at the event post to make requests so we can agree.
--> Remember to pay the 5 CHF at Caslou.
2) Cableway Malvaglia - Dagro
Specific bus stop "Malvaglia Filovia". Bus connection from the Biasca SBB station. (www.ffs.ch).

Here is the information for 2020, the 3 types will remain, but we are thinking of some very interesting novelties!
1) "Parnis": 34 K, D+2400
2) "Saiotru": 24 K, D+1500
3) "Iurin": 14 K, D+950

Maps, tracks, profiles... at the following link:
The routes are on paths as indicated on the map 1:25'000 except for the "Parnis" route. Here the paths (tracks) leading to Alpe Luzzone and Pizzo Forca are visible but need to be interpreted. Yellow spray markings have been laid down to support them.

Requirements and conditions:
Registration for the event is compulsory and must be done by 22.07.2021 at the contacts below (email or phone with message).
At the time of registration, the registration for lunch must also be mentioned, although optional (info cost directly in the flyer). Places are limited! For the lunch we do not ask for advance payment because we are convinced that, given the spirit of the event, those who reserve will participate...

Everyone is responsible for themselves, both in the planning of the tour, the conditions of the day (weather), their physical condition, as well as the appropriate equipment for the high mountains.
We will try to update the information close to the event to help you.

For more specific information, please write to:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 079 713 79 94
WebSite: https://themanzenator.wixsite.com/valmalvaglia


  • OPENING Sun: 08.00
  • CATEGORIES Sports events