Image 0 - Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia
Image 1 - Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia
Image 2 - Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia

Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia


How to get there:
1) car (parking spaces are limited in any case):
Cusié-Foppa car park: at the end of the dirt road.
Sharing a car can be a good idea! Parking is possible in Malvaglia Chiesa (white parking spaces).
--> Remember to pay CHF 5 at Caslou (after the dam) for use of the patrician road
2) Malvaglia - Dagro cablecar
Specific bus stop "Malvaglia Filovia". Bus connection from the Biasca SBB station. (www.ffs.ch).

Requirements and conditions:
Registration for the event is compulsory and must be made by 23.07.2023 using the form. In the event of any cancellations by the deadline of 23.07.2023, the full amount will be refunded. Beyond this date the amount will not be refunded.

The event will only be cancelled in the event of extreme or particularly bad weather conditions.


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