Image 0 - Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia
Image 1 - Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia
Image 2 - Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia

Sü e gü dra Val Malvaia


How to get there:
1) car (parking spaces are limited in any case):
Cusié-Foppa car park: at the end of the dirt road.
Sharing a car can be a good idea! Parking is possible in Malvaglia Chiesa (white parking spaces).
--> Remember to pay CHF 5 at Caslou (after the dam) for use of the patrician road
2) Malvaglia - Dagro cablecar
Specific bus stop "Malvaglia Filovia". Bus connection from the Biasca SBB station. (www.ffs.ch).

Requirements and conditions:
Details will follow.

The event will only be cancelled in the event of extreme or particularly bad weather conditions.


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