Image 0 - Riccardo III

Riccardo III

William Shakespeare / Paolo Pierobon

Accomplished young Hungarian director Kriszta Székely confronts the formidable literary character the Duke of Gloucester, certainly one of the most iconic and frequently portrayed villains in the Shakespearean repertoire, here interpreted by dual Premio Ubu winner Paolo Pierobon.

Written between 1591 and 1592 Richard III is the last of Shakespeare’s minor historical tetralogy that began with Henry VI. This historical drama has always fascinated audiences for its violent, manipulative and solitary side as embodied by its protagonist, a deformed and treacherous assassin: the Duke of Gloucester. After the success garnered in Budapest and Turin for her Uncle Vanya in 2021 Kriszta Székely became one of the core members of the Teatro Stabile di Torino as associated artist. Her work, both in the theatre and opera is marked by intense political and civil engagement and is characterized by a careful analysis of the roles, real or presumed, that society imposes on us. In her staging of the play, Richard III becomes a fierce and bitter critique of the kind of thirst for power and self-affirmation that characterizes every totalitarian regime.



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