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Raiffeisen Walking Lugano

One of the most important Swiss appointments for walking and Nordic walking fans. Different itineraries (from 6.8 km to 18.7 km), several secondary activities, a lot of sport and fun for everyone: here's a way to be healthy and have a different day, in movement! 

Itineraries (walking and Nordic walking)

Itineraries extremely attractive in terms of landscape and well-suited for all sorts of fitness levels; these include longer and more demanding itineraries for those who want to test their endurance and “softer”, more level itineraries of just a few kilometers for others:

  • Relax (6.8 km) flat, obstacle-free, suitable for all and designed for families
  • Melide (7.2 km) the lakeside trail from Melide to Lugano
  • Panorama (10.7 km) medium distance and a splendid panorama of Lugano
  • Agno (13.4 km) route from Agno to Lugano
  • Challenge (18.7 km) the challenge for well-trained walkers involving the climb up to Brè
  • Lake and Walking Melide (7.2 km) this itinerary also includes a boat trip from Lugano to Melide 
  • New: Lake & Walking Gandria (5.4 km) this itinerary also includes a boat trip from Lugano to Gandria

New in 2023 is the new 'Lake & Walking - Gandria' route, which includes a boat tour combined with a scenic walk of about 5.5 km from Gandria to Lugano.


Pre-registration open until 15/06/2023 with a discount of CHF 8 off the basic fees.

From 16.06.2023:

  • CHF 29.-: Relax
  • CHF 32.-: Melide 
  • CHF 34.-: Panorama 
  • CHF 35.-: Agno 
  • CHF 37.-: Challenge
  • CHF 40.-: Lake and Walking – Melide
  • CHF 42.-: Lake and Walking – Gandria
  • Children/youth: CHF 17.-


  • OPENING Sun: 09:00 – 16:00
  • CATEGORIES Sports events , Get-togethers