Image 0 - Pumpkin Festival!
Image 1 - Pumpkin Festival!
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Pumpkin Festival!

This is one of the tastiest and most colourful celebrations around: Sagra della Zucca awaits you at Castel San Pietro over the last week-end of October. Come and discover how to make the most of Autumn and enjoy one of its most juicy gems. Pamper your palate!

Large, small, round, oval, white, orange, yellow or green: they come in all shapes and sizes! But which one will be crowned the queen of the ball? Or do you happen to have an ‘original’ pumpkin yourself? Yours might even become the ‘chosen one’!

Taste a vegetable which can be used in a thousand different ways: in pies, biscuits, ice cream, marmalades, risotto, gnocchi, soups, nuggets, lasagne,... whether you prefer it savoury or sweet, you will be spoilt for choice.

Everybody should discover what their favourite pumpkin tastes like!


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