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Porca vacca

A title that, in just two words, makes it clear what the subjects of this exhibition are: the pig and the cow. A title that, as in the past, relies on a commonly used oral expression that has lost its original connotation to become an expression of wonder.

It is precisely on wonder that this exhibition is conceived; the wonder of rediscovering the simple information on the labels of the foods we regularly consume. Bewitched by such attractive and bucolic packaging, we have almost lost the healthy habit of asking ourselves the meaning of what they contain, of understanding the ingredients listed on them, of being able to trace the journeys those raw materials have made, of knowing the processes that transform those ingredients into a food processed in or manufactured in.

This exhibition is rooted in the past but also has the ambition to be anchored in the present. Through hundreds of objects, this exhibition tells a very current story and brings back to life certain gestures, to be rediscovered or learned, to recall what once was but also to consciously live what is now.

An exhibition to smell, to spread, to hold, to knead, to move, to tie, to touch and, finally, not to forget.

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