Image 0 - Pierre Casè, arte e grafica tra memoria e oblio
Image 1 - Pierre Casè, arte e grafica tra memoria e oblio
Image 2 - Pierre Casè, arte e grafica tra memoria e oblio

Pierre Casè, arte e grafica tra memoria e oblio

The exhibition is part of a series of thematic in-depth studies of contemporary artists linked to the Canton of Ticino by birth or by operation.

It proposes a focus on Pierre Casè (Locarno 1944- Maggia 2022), with particular reference to the themes of memory and oblivion. Through art, Casè expresses the complexity of time in a crystal-clear and emotional analysis, in which he confronts contrasting feelings that he brings out in a disruptive manner.

His Valle Maggia is always the source of inspiration, but with the engraved signs that refer to mysterious archaic alphabets in relation to the graffiti of the present, or with references to the geomorphic structures of stones or phytomorphic structures of plants, they re-emerge in an evocative abstract sense of the present. The material and colours are also very particular and take their cue from elements reminiscent of the dust of the earth or the roughness of bark. In Pierre Casè's abstraction, however, there is always a relationship with the world of form.

More than two hundred works are presented at Spazio Officina, spanning five decades of creative activity and conceptual research, including graphic and material works in small and large formats. In particular, the artist's entire graphic production is present, from 1971, with the first silkscreens created in the context of concrete art up to the last portfolio of 2016 dedicated to "imprints".

Pierre Casè, who recently passed away, chose Maggia (Canton Ticino) as the place to live and produce in his Atelier. He had numerous exhibitions all over the world.
He had last year enthusiastically agreed to exhibit in Chiasso, the town where he made his debut with an exhibition in 1985 in the Sala Diego Chiesa.

The exhibition concept for this exhibition was discussed and defined with Pierre Casè in the last months of his life.


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