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Lugano Plan B Forum 2023

Lugano, where it is already possible to pay in Bitcoin and Stablecoins (USDT and LVGA), reaffirms its desire to emerge as a European hub for technological and financial innovation, and announces the second edition of Plan B Forum.

On October 20th and 21stworld leaders, entrepreneurs and experts will gather again on the shores of lake Lugano , to discuss the increasingly central role of Bitcoin for financial freedom and freedom of speech, as well as to dispel fears stemming from speculation .

Born from the collaboration between the Municipality and Tether, the event, which in its first edition hosted almost 2,000 participants, will offer again to all participants the opportunity to meet in person industry leaders such as Adam Back, Paolo Ardoino, Farida Nabourema and Samson Mow during panels, workshops, and networking meet-ups.

Plan ? Forumis the annual event for those who want to discover the future, participate in its creation, or simply better understand the crypto and blockchain universe.


  • Student: CHF 99.–
  • Peer: CHF 299.–
  • Cyberpunk: CHF 1'799.–


  • OPENING Fri... Sat: 09:00 – 21:00
  • CATEGORIES Get-togethers