Image 0 - Liberi di sognare | I Legnanesi

Liberi di sognare | I Legnanesi

In what has by now become a traditional event, the comic I Legnanesi are back again with their new performance Liberi di sognare.

Someone once said that dreams are desires for happiness...and that’s just what they are. Everybody sooner or later dreams of something that will make them happy. Mabilia knows all about this. She has always wanted to have a man by her side who loves her, spoils her and showers her with money. But this time, for the dream to come true she will need the help of her parents Teresa and Giovanni.

Good luck finally visits the Colombo family through a meeting with the scion of one of Italy’s most important families. Mabilia is just one step away from realizing the dream of her life: all she needs is for her parents to pretend for a few hours that they are something they’ve never been: rich and powerful! By pretending to be famous and successful entrepreneurs, the Colombos will be able to get to know their future in-laws in a surprising and unusual location: a football stadium. And it is just in these surroundings that the two families will have to come to an agreement: either realize the financial dreams of one and the dreams of glory and wealth of the other, or disappoint the economic dreams of one in order to raise the dignity and respect of the other. What will they decide? You’ll find out in this new performance by I Legnanesi: there’s a lot of laughter and dreaming during the two light hearted hours spent in the company of the Colombo family where you will be swept away by the colorful, lavish, captivating sets of the Rivista all’Italiana.



  • OPENING Fri... Sat: 20:30
    Sun: 18:00
  • CATEGORIES Theatre