Image 0 - Lazarus | David Bowie/Enda Walsh/Valter Malosti/Manuel Agnelli

Lazarus | David Bowie/Enda Walsh/Valter Malosti/Manuel Agnelli

Directed by Valter Malosti and interpreted by Manuel Agnelli, Lazarus is the rock opera David Bowie wrote together with Enda Walsh and for which he adapted some of his most famous songs including Life On Mars? and Heroes and specially composed four new pieces.

Lazarus is one of David Bowie’s last works, a rock opera written in 2015 together with award winning Irish playwright Enda Walsh. The ideal sequel to Walter Tevis’ The Man who Fell to Earth, this performance-testament is directed by Valter Malosti and whose protagonist is Thomas Jerome Newton, the turbulent interstellar migrant forced to remain on Earth, here interpreted by the singer and frontman of Afterhours, Manuel Agnelli.

“The first performance of Lazarus took place on December 7, 2015 at the New York Theatre Workshop in Manhattan which was also the last time David Bowie appeared in public who passed away a few months later on January 10, 2016. Though suffering from illness, in an extraordinary and moving creative effort he left us this strange piece of musical theatre which can be considered, along with his magnificent album Blackstar, his creative testament […] Newton both is and isn’t Bowie at the same time. But it’s through this very act of distancing that we gain access to a deeper intimacy”.



  • OPENING Thu... Sat: 20:30
  • CATEGORIES Music , Theatre