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Il Borghese Gentiluomo

Concert "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" CaronAntica Festival di Musica Antica à Carona.

In the closing concert of CaronAntica’s Summer Festival 2023, the ensemble in residence pays tribute to two fundamental figures of the French baroque:e the playwright Molière and the composer Lully. The union of these two giants led to the creation of the “Bourgeois Gentilhomme”, a show that combined dance, music, satire, comedy, performed for the first time in 1670 at the court of the Roy Soleil, whose story aims to show how, when it comes to feelings, both rich and poor behave equally. The ensemble in residence of CaronAntica will be joined by the precious puppets of the artist Michel Poletti and his troupe Musicateatro, to lead the audience on a magical, moving and entertaining evening combining music and theater.
With the ensemble in résidence CaronAntica: Fiorenza De Donatis, violin, Luca Pianca lute, Luca Giardini violin, Priska Comploi baroque oboe, Guido Morini harpsichord, Valentina Mattiussi violin, Giulia Genini baroque bassoon and recorders, Amélie Chemin viola da gambe, Luca Bandini violone.

The concert is scheduled in Piazza Montaa, Carona, open air. In case of bad weather this concert will be held at the Teatro Foce, Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano. Any information in case of uncertain weather can be consulted on our website www.caronantica.com.


  • OPENING Wed: 20:00 – 21:00
  • CATEGORIES Classical music , Get-togethers