Image 0 - IO TANGO - One Life, Thousand Stories

IO TANGO - One Life, Thousand Stories

For the first time in Ticino, the PASIONES COMPANY, by Erica Boaglio and Adrián Aragón, will present its new show: IO TANGO - One Life, Thousand Stories.

The show brings to the stage a fictional character, 'THE TANGO', which tells its 150 years of history. Based on the best Tangos, Erica, Adrián and their company will perform in an atmosphere full of passion, sensuality and elegance and will be accompanied by the vocal interpretation of 'IL TANGO'!

In their long careers as dancers and choreographers, Erica Boaglio and Adrián Aragón have done important work at an international level. They have captivated audiences with their performances, gaining the respect and recognition of the international press. From Argentina to Canada, from Portugal to Hong Kong, they have appeared in over 1,000 performances on the world's best stages and created choreographies for films and great international singers.

Since 2003, PASIONES COMPANY has produced the shows 'Pasiones Tango', 'Instinto', 'Divino Tango' and 'Gauchos'. These shows are still in the theatre seasons of several countries.


  • OPENING Sat: 20:30
  • CATEGORIES Music , Theatre