Image 0 - Gianfredo Camesi. From space to time

Gianfredo Camesi. From space to time

Dallo spazio al Tempo (From Space to Time ) is the title of the project that the artist Gianfredo Camesi from Valmaggio has developed for the spaces of the Museo d'arte Mendrisio.

A project that traces Camesi's artistic history in synthesis, from the works of his early maturity, such as Point vital or la Flèche, to works from 2016-17 that have remained unpublished, such as the entire series - sixteen works in total - of Retables (Altar Triptychs).

This exhibition, comprising almost 80 works divided for the most part into series(Espaces Mesure du TempsVacuitésChemin du corpsForme de lumièrePortraits/Autoportrait) represents a summa of his artistic work. Fluidity and circularity are the characteristics of the route passing from one room to another inside the museum; but not only, creating an effective passage from the outside (cloister) to the starting point inside(Point vital located in a corner of the corridor).

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition (texts: Simone Soldini, Walter Tschopp, Emanuela Burgazzoli, Linda Broggini) is intended to document not the individual works or series but the project as a photographic journey (photo: Stefano Spinelli).

Exhibition and catalogue curated by Gianfredo Camesi and Simone Soldini.


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