Image 0 - Gentle Unicorn | Chiara Bersani

Gentle Unicorn | Chiara Bersani

Chiara Bersani, winner of the Ubu award for best performer Under 35, works in both the visual and performing arts. Here she presents her "Gentle Unicorn" in which she attempts to arrive at the mythological essence of herself.

Chiara Bersani, who has already collaborated on performances with Alessandro Sciarroni, Babilonia Teatri, Jérôme Bel and Marco D’Agostin is now for the first time both creator and interpreter of a work that looks at the mythological creature the Unicorn – a beast without a home and without a story, today considered a contemporary pop icon. Bersani traces the Unicorn’s gradual transformation over the centuries.

"Gentle Unicorn" investigates the wrongs suffered by this imaginary animal and bestows a story and a body on it. We see it appear in a gleam of magic and hope, perhaps for the last time, perhaps forever, incarnated in the body and being of Bersani herself.

“I, Chiara Bersani, 98cm tall, proclaim myself to be the flesh, muscle and bone of the Unicorn. Not knowing its heart I will try to give it my breath, my eyes. I will take the image from it, and I will make a costume out of it, destined to become first armor and then skin. In the dialogue between my form which acts and its form which is worn, we will discover our movements, kisses, greetings, yawns." – Chiara Bersani



  • OPENING Thu: 20:30 – 21:30