Image 0 - Farina bóna Festival

Farina bóna Festival



at 11.00h: Aperitif with local vines and beer San Rocco

at 12.00h: Lunch with polenta Onserone, prepared with flour produced in the old mill, mortadella and soft cheese (gorgonzola)

at 13.00h: Presentation of the Canary Islands Golfio (a product similar to the farina bóna) and tasting of the "Golfio y plátano", with Titi Argentano

at 13.30h: Traditional dessert from Onsernone Valley, with blueberries (Mac') and presentation of the "Coupe gelato Onsernone/Ticino"

at 14.00h - 16.00h: Visit to the mill and to the exibition

at 14.00h - 17.00h: Open doors at the Museum Onsernonese, Loco


In case of bad weather, the festival will be canceled.

Organized by Museo Onsernonese



  • OPENING Sun: 11.00 - 17.00 ca.
  • CATEGORIES Local festivals