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Exhibition "Alla Fondazione Matasci l'arte è donna"

Mario Matasci's passionate activity in the field of art for forty years has given life to a collection of works which, in 2009, found suitable premises called Il Deposito, located in Cugnasco-Gerra.

In line with the exhibition concept, which is careful to give space mostly to artists who are not sponsored by the major art galleries, but who have had and still have a connection with our country, are presented five artists who over the years have shown particular attention to their activity with assiduous presence and sometimes with valuable donations.

An exhibition dedicated to Ava Helga Colden, Ruth Moro, Teres Wydler, Serena Martinelli, Simonetta Martini.

The exhibition at the Matasci per l'Erte Foundation Depot in Cugnasco-Gerra will be open every Sunday from 2 to 6 pm.


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