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Eutopia | Trickster–p

After debuting last season, the participatory theatre of Trickster-p is back with Eutopia which explores a different paradigm of “doing things together” through a play-oriented, multi-sensorial approach.

How to reconstruct and deconstruct what we “do”? How can we live together after all these months of isolation imposed by the pandemic? How are we to coexist with the many different forms of “nature” without, at the same time, denying our “being human”?

Combining performance art, installation and game design, Eutopia calls into question old biological, ecological and anthropological models and turns the theatre into a giant gaming table around which the audience is invited into a participatory experience where the outcomes, which are always different, are the result of their own particular contributions.

Collective action, as foundational as it is ephemeral, thus becomes a vehicle for identifying possible worlds, that deploy central narratives and visions in which the human and the non-human intertwine together in composing a complex geography of heterogeneous landscapes in constant transformation.

Opting for the kind of storytelling in which humans are neither protagonists, nor intruders against whom “nature” ought to be protected, Eutopia gets participants involved, asks them questions and turns them into players in the non-human stories that arise from their actions.



  • OPENING Mon... Tue: 18:00 / 20:30
    Thu: 20:00
    Sat... Sun: 18:00 / 20:30
  • CATEGORIES Theatre