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Culinary autumn

Culinary autumn - for the love of the region

Specialities made from regional ingredients are becoming increasingly popular. The catering industry has recognised this trend - more and more restaurants are focusing on regionality in their menus and the chef or hotelier is working with local suppliers.
This has prompted alpinavera and GastroGraubünden, in cooperation with the gastronomic associations in Glarus and Uri, to become more involved in the culinary offerings in restaurants. The "Culinary Autumn" is a promotional opportunity for establishments that consistently offer regional specialities.
The hotels and restaurants listed in the brochure offer regional dishes and drinks at least for the duration of the promotion - but for many it is already a matter of course to focus on regionality all year round and to adapt their culinary offerings to the respective season.
Attention guests: don't miss out on taking part in the competition. Every month, two regional dinners in one of the participating restaurants will be raffled off. The questions are not too difficult to answer if you have this brochure at hand.

Ticino is also participating with 2 restaurants: 

  • Locanda Marco, Bellinzona
  • Holiday Village TCS Scruengo, Piotta


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