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La Casera di Miglieglia.

On the way to the alpine pastures.

The trip starts from the station of the Monte Lema SA cable car in Miglieglia and with a panoramic ride lasting about 10-15 minutes you will reach the summit of this astonishing mountain, one of the most admirable panoramic peaks in Ticino. A multilingual tourist guide will accompany you through the natural beauty of this mountain, an itinerary that will take you from the summit to the ring-route plan among woods, alpine pastures and beautiful peaks with stupendous views, in a suggestive rural and naturalistic landscape, rich in history and emotions amidst the scents of rhododendrons and majestic beech woods, historic chestnut woods and old buildings bearing witness to past labours.

About halfway along, a chestnut party, a local tradition, will be offered at a magnificent building owned by the Patriziato di Miglieglia in the Alpetti area, accompanied by a good glass of wine and a side dish of cold cuts.

After enjoying the chestnuts, we will descend towards Miglieglia, partly following the old path full of cobblestones and dry stone walls. An unforgettable journey immersed in nature between tradition and local culture, a different afternoon to spend with friends and family.

Excursion organised in collaboration with the Patriziato of Miglieglia.


  • CHF 30.-


  • OPENING Sun: 13:00 – 17:30
  • CATEGORIES Enogastronomy , Local festivals