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Image 1 - CANCELLED: Luppolo & Food Festival
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CANCELLED: Luppolo & Food Festival

The gastronomic festival for hop and food lovers in the heart of Ticino.

From Friday 28 August to Sunday 30 August 2020 in Piazza Indipendenza and the old town centre in Bellinzona the village of Hops & Food Festival returns with many Ticino, Swiss and international breweries with the opportunity to taste different beers ranging from light to dark to amber and acidic. 

Roberto Storni, well-known Ticino beer sommelier, will accompany the participants in the 4 courses proposed to better know the beer and recognize its characteristics. The proposed courses will be: tasting techniques, brewers' styles, beer - cold cuts and cheese pairing, beer - food-truck pairing.

In addition to the breweries, there will also be 8 food-trucks from Ticino that will offer tasty dishes from Ticino and Bavaria revisited to their imagination with products from Ticino.

Last but not least, the two stages located in Piazza Indipendenza, the main stage, and in Piazza Nosetto, a second stage; well-known Ticino artists. The programme of the event "Hops&Food Festival 2020" and course reservations can be seen on the event website: www.luppoloevents.com.


The access to the Cervia car park will be possible only from Ravecchia and the parking in Piazza Ex Mercato will be reachable arriving from Piazza Governo (Piazza della Foca).

Opening hours:

Friday 28 August 2020: 18.00 - 01.00
Saturday 29 August 2020: 11.00 a.m. - 01.00 a.m.
Sunday 30th August 2020: 11.00 - 21.00



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