Image 0 - Boston Marriage | Maria Paiato/Mariangela Granelli

Boston Marriage | Maria Paiato/Mariangela Granelli

David Mamet’s masterpiece.

Young star Giorgio Sangati directs David Mamet’s masterpiece featuring two great actresses who literally perform acrobatics with words: the extraordinary Maria Paiato and the intense Mariangela Granelli, onstage together with Ludovica D’Auria.

Late nineteenth century America, a salon, two ladies and a maid. All the makings of a conventional plot, a meeting between friends who are little affected, but outward form does not correspond to substance: in their refined conversation vulgarities abound and we learn that the two ladies were once a very intimate couple.

The expression “Boston Marriage” was used in New England at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to refer to women living together who were economically independent of men. Henry James’ novel The Bostonians immediately comes to mind which deals frankly with the topic of homosexuality and portrays a society caught between outdated values and progressive movements.

After her separation, Anna, the protagonist and lady of the house, finds a wealthy man who keeps her as a mistress and now she would like to take advantage of his protection to get back together with Claire who has just appeared on the scene. But Claire has come back for quite other reasons and Anna’s reconquest turns out to be more complicated than she expected, in a plot with dramatic surprises that also involve the young maid, this briskly paced work shows an exhilarating façade, almost like a farce.



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