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39th Giro Media Blenio

This run takes place over Easter on the roads of the Blenio valley: now it has become a real Spring classic. A popular competition with a unique atmosphere, it regularly attracts many top sportsmen alongside the multitude of enthusiasts, from a huge variety of different countries: some one-thousand athletes compete every year over the fascinating course with its truly stunning backdrop.

Spectators have chance to see close-up athletes of real renown, not least the elegance of the African 'gazelles'. The runners from the African plateaus, which year after year parade on the Blenio roads, are often at the start of great careers. No surprise then that the Africans remain the true masters of the competition.


Giro and Minigiro: an Easter event for running enthusiasts of nature and art: 10 km road for the adults in the morning. In the afternoon short strokes for youth categories.


Walking: a privileged opportunity to walk between places and historical sites, including slopes and pastures, in one of the sunniest regions of the Cantone Ticino.


Grand Prix: a parade of champions, a running race for young athletes: 8 laps on the streets of Dongio, for a total of 10 km. An exciting show and...free.






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