Wine cellar Mondò

Giorgio Rossi
Via Al Mondò, 6514 Sementina, +41 91 857 45 58

The Azienda Mondò, born in 1995, it is a family firm pushed from a tradition and from a true passion for the vineyard cultivation. Particular attention is given to a non intensive exploitation of the vineyards, and to a workmanship the more possible respectful of the nature according to the directives of the Integrated Production.

The love for the earth and the accurate management of the ground...

WINE AND CELLARS Wine cellars, Tasting sessions
Giorgio Rossi
Via Al Mondò,
6514 Sementina
Tel.: +41 91 857 45 58
Mobile: +41 79 423 65 94
Fax: +41 91 857 45 58
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