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Swing The World

Discover the swings of Swing The World placed in the Bellinzona and Upper Ticino region. A project designed to show corners of our territory that are absolutely worth discovering and enjoying. 

On the saddle of a swing that swings you on breathtaking views, in the midst of nature, kissed by the sun or intent on enjoying a sunset or, more simply, the company of a few friends. Things that stay with you and that you will remember with pleasure, especially if you have immortalised them. Opportunities not to be missed if you are an excursion enthusiast eager to discover the top locations in the area.


Two swings have been placed in the Nara region. The walking time for the first swing (Swing 1) is 40 minutes on foot from Cancori, while the second one (Swing 2) takes 50 minutes. The total height difference of the walk, which is also ideal for children, is 225 m.