Image 0 - Lakes of Tremorgio and Leìt
Image 1 - Lakes of Tremorgio and Leìt
Image 2 - Lakes of Tremorgio and Leìt
Image 3 - Lakes of Tremorgio and Leìt
Image 4 - Lakes of Tremorgio and Leìt

Lakes of Tremorgio and Leìt

The starting point to go up to Tremorgio is Rodi-Fiesso (940 m), part of the municipality of Prato Leventina. The comfortable 8-seater cable car, which takes 5 minutes to arrive to Tremorgio at 1,830 m part by the hydroelectric power company. At the top, it takes a few minutes walking to reach the hut Tremorgio and the lake.

From Tremorgio you can walk towards the huts leit (1 hour and 30 min.), Campo Tencia (3 hours), Garzonera (4 hours and 30 min.), to Fusio by Step Campolungo (4 hours and 30 min.) or descend to the village of Dalpe (Step away from the hut or Vanit Field Tencia).

These excursions are reported as hiking trails (yellow signs with the tip white-red-white) and fit hikers. The area of Tremorgio can also be reached on foot from the villages of Dalpe, Fiesso-Over and Mascengo. The region is rich in flora and fauna and particularly interesting from a geological point of view.

Some reports for climbers climbing on Poncione of Tremorgio on Pizzi Campolungo, Prévat and Field Tencia.

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