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Dipiù Spa Giardino *****s

“Di più” comes from Italian and can be roughly translated as “a little more”. More innovation, more professionalism and more Mediterranean dolce vita. This means that in the dipiù Spas, you can look forward to more than simple relaxation. Sink into a world of equilibrium, beauty and vitality with the indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, sauna oases, lifestyle therapies, gym facilities and variety of rest and relaxation areas on offer at the dipiù Spa in Ascona, all wrapped up with professional consulting and premium treatment products tailored to the skin type and physique of each individual guest.

Giardino Ascona is the first five-star resort in Switzerland to offer authentic Ayurveda treatments and cures, with the goal of helping guests to achieve health and peace by means of a holistic approach. Whether you would like a multi-day retreat, individual treatments or a culinary journey through Ayurvedic cuisine, Ayurveda by Giardino offers a diverse programme for interested parties, beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


  • VENUES Fitness tracks , Indoor pool , Outdoor pool