Image 0 - Chiesa di S. Francesco e monastero dei Cappuccini

Chiesa di S. Francesco e monastero dei Cappuccini

The church of San Francesco, annexed to the Capuchin convent, was built in 1608 and transformed towards the end of the 18th century, when the choir was rebuilt, the side chapels were built and the vault set. 
The high altar has an altarpiece of the Madonna with Saints Francis and Joseph dated 1680. In the first chapel on the left, wooden altar with eighteenth-century canvas depicting St. Anthony of Padua and frontal in painted leather. In the second chapel there is an altar with brackets in the shape of a head and painted figures of saints. Statue of the Madonna from the 17th century. 
The complex has been the subject of a conservative restoration by the architect Raffaele Cavadini (1991-92), which in the church has mainly concerned the presbytery area.