Chiesa della Beata Vergine Assunta

All that remains of the Romanesque building mentioned in 1207 is the bell tower, the last two floors of which, however, have been altered. The main door on the west side preserves fragments of frescoes from the beginning of the 16th century. The present church dates back to 1733 as can be seen from the portal and preserves original glass plunged into the windows of the nave. The interior contains valuable stuccoes, especially in the chapel on the right dedicated to St. Catherine, also enriched by a fresco of St. Francis (1770) and a frontal in scagliola signed Francesco Solari, dated 1732. The high altar in polychrome marble is in Rococo style. In the churchyard there is a Via Crucis restored in 1972 with scenes in mosaic by Aurelio Gonzato and the Chapel of the Dead, completely frescoed by Seregnese painters in the second half of the 15th century.