Chiesa dei SS. Cosma e Damiano e Torre medioevale

Piazza del Ponte, 6850 Mendrisio, +41 91 646 10 16
The parish church, dedicated to the saints Cosma and Daniano, is situated in Piazza del Ponte, on the site of two earlier churches, one Romanesque first appearing in official records in 1323 and the another built in the Baroque style and consecrated in 1672.
The current church was built in 1863-75 in the Neoclassical style (design by Luigi Fontana). Sitting as it does on a promontory, it dominate...
Timetable Monday: 08.00-19.30
Wednesday: 08.00-19.30
Thursday: 08.00-19.30
Friday: 08.00-19.30
Saturday: 08.00-19.30
Sunday: 08.00-19.30
ARCHITECTURE Ancient and religious architecture
ACCESSIBILITY Wheelchair accessible with some difficulties
Piazza del Ponte, 6850 Mendrisio
Tel.: +41 91 646 10 16
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