Image 0 - Cascata Fürbeda di Dandrio

Cascata Fürbeda di Dandrio

The Fürbeda waterfall lies behind the small village of Dandrio, one of the five that make up the Malvaglia Valley, a green side valley of the Blenio Valley. A landscape that has remained almost intact, where the impact of man has been very respectful towards a generous nature. The Fürbeda makes a truly imposing leap, and its unmistakable shape dominates much of the valley.

In the village of Dandrio, right near the waterfall, it is impossible not to notice a structure several metres high formed by two tall wooden poles. This is the rascana, and its use is linked to the local agricultural tradition.

After admiring the waterfall, you can continue exploring the Malvaglia Valley by climbing up to the locality of Cusiè, where the road ends. You can leave your car in the Foppa car park (1707 m), from where you can walk in the direction of the Capanna Quarnei (2108 m), one of the most popular destinations in the area.

The Quarnei Hut is situated on a plateau overlooking the Val Malvaglia, the view behind which reaches as far as the Adula and can be reached in about an hour and a half's walk from the car park.

In thawing periods, other waterfalls can be admired, particularly near the Alpe di Pozzo. Shortly before arriving at the hut, you reach Alpe di Quarnei, a crossroads at the centre of a long list of paths. To return to Foppa, follow the path that descends right near the hut, thus completing a pleasant loop.