Image 0 - Cardada - Excursions at moonlight
Image 1 - Cardada - Excursions at moonlight
Image 2 - Cardada - Excursions at moonlight
Image 3 - Cardada - Excursions at moonlight

Cardada - Excursions at moonlight

When there is snow on the mountain and the area is covered in a thick cloak of snow, an excursion with snow shoes is definitely an exciting way to explore Cardada. This activity offers an alternative and very exciting way of exploring the mountain and everyone can easily take part: minimal equipment is required and special technical knowledge is not necessary.

Moonlight excursions are not to be missed as our expert guides will lead you on an exciting walk along the slopes of Cardada and Cimetta, taking you to the most striking scenic points, all in the enchanting atmosphere of a mountain which is enlightened by the full moon.

Cardada offers you many exursions in the evening, accompanied by a mountain guide at 

- Friday, 10. January 2020
- Saturday, 11. January 2020
- Friday, 7. February 2020
- Saturday, 8. February 2020
- Friday, 6. March 2020
- Saturday, 7. March 2020

More info: www.cardada.ch.


  • VENUES Snow-rackets