Image 0 - Arrampicata sulla diga del Sambuco
Image 1 - Arrampicata sulla diga del Sambuco
Image 2 - Arrampicata sulla diga del Sambuco
Image 3 - Arrampicata sulla diga del Sambuco

Arrampicata sulla diga del Sambuco

Opening cerimony sunday 29.09.2019 (with bad weather postpone on the 05.10.2019)

The Maggia Valley it's a open-air gym. Between Ponte Brolla and Naret there are dozens of places, where you can climb hundreds of climbing routes on natural wall. The 102 m high Sambuco dam, is the perfect place to train concentration, coordination and resistance.

5 routes indicated in order to allow a progressive approch to  climbing. From the bequeme holds of the "Pizzo dei Tiz" to the tecnical passage of the "Pizzo Massari" until the dizzyng heights of the "Balestrucci". In addition, a double rope routes offers the possibility to climb down, for over 100 m, from the crown of the dam to its feet.

The climbing routes of the Sambuco dam allow you to earn tecnical skills and gain experience in a controlled atmosphere.

Tecnical information

  • Total of holds: approx. 1'100 pcs. 
  • Bolt security every 2-2.5 m
  • 4 routes "top rope" of 22 m
  • multi-pitch routes 4 x 28 m until the dam's high point
  • 1 double rope route 5 x 22 m
  • Difficulty: medium-easy (4b-5b, Balestrucci max 5c) 


  • Climbing routes are freely accessible
  • The key is available at the accommodation facilities of Fusio
  • Equipment required: 1 rope 50 m, 15 climbing quickdraws, belaying devices and descenders, cords, slings and lanyards. 
  • The promoter reccomends asking a climbing guide. For more information and reservation: www.guidealpineticino.ch
  • Opening period: The climbing routes are closed during the winter season
  • Attention: The Sambuco dam it's home to flock of balestrucci. In order not disturb this protected specie, at the end of summer (from 20 august to 10 september) for approx. 20 days the multi-pitch route is not available. 


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