Image 0 - Alpine lake Cadàbi
Image 1 - Alpine lake Cadàbi
Image 2 - Alpine lake Cadàbi

Alpine lake Cadàbi

A Malvaglia Chiesa (368 m) a road starts in the direction of Malvaglia Valley. In Anzano turn right and take a path that leads to Monte Cusiè (1666 m). After about 200 m you reach a place where you can park. From Cusiè you go to the Alpe di Pozzo (1869 m) and Alpe di Quarnei (2048 m), from which, through the Passo del Pond, also called Böcc of Cadàbi, you arrive at the alpine lake of Cadàbi (2646 m).

The path difference is 980 m, for about 3 hours and 30 minutes of walking. The steepness of the last track makes the transition difficult (a good preparation and hiking boots are required).

Along the way there aren’t dining options, but for those who wish to continue in the direction Adula peak, there are two huts available.


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