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Alpine lake Cadàbi

This charming little lake of glacial origin is one of the highest lakes in Ticino. Small and shallow, it is located at Passo del Laghetto 2646m, which can be reached from both Val Malvaglia and Capanna Adula UTOE.

In order to admire it in all its splendour, one can climb up to the left, in 10 minutes between one scree slope and another, and reach the Cima del Laghetto at 2695m. From here you also have an excellent view of the Vadrecc di Bresciana, the Adula, the Grauhorn and the Lögia above.

On the other side you can see the ridge from the Cima di Gana Bianca to the Cima di Gana Rossa, to the north the Val di Carassino with the Sosto and then the Passo del Lucomagno area with the Scopi peak.


From the Malvaglia Valley: starting from Cuisé you go to Alpe di Pozzo (1869 m) and to Alpe di Quarnei (2048 m), from which, crossing the Passo del Laghetto, also called Böcc di Cadàbi, you arrive at Laghetto di Cadàbi (2646 m).
The difference in altitude covered is 980 m, for a 3.30-hour walk. The steepness of the last section makes the walk difficult. Good mountain shoes are required.
From the Adula Hut UTOE: following the signs without too much difficulty, 1.6 km , 55 min, 285 m difference in altitude.

Coordinates: 721.450/150.100.
Signposts: white red
Best period: June-September


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