Image 0 - Cable car Faido-Pianaselva
Image 1 - Cable car Faido-Pianaselva
Image 2 - Cable car Faido-Pianaselva
Image 3 - Cable car Faido-Pianaselva
Image 4 - Cable car Faido-Pianaselva

Cable car Faido-Pianaselva

Near the highway exit of Faido, the panoramic cable car Faido – Pianaselva will let you reach a little green paradise in only 5 minutes, where secular woods and wonderful waterfalls surround the guests.

The point of departure is in Faido (711 m). From here, you can reach Pianaselva (1,100 m) by using the cable car. There you will find the Pianaselva agritourism, in which you can enjoy some fresh air and the beauty of  unspoilt nature, as well as a meal at a typical grotto. Buying a cable car ticket will also give you some discounts on swimming pool entry's and riding lessons' price.

The funicular is in service from May to September, from 8.00 am to 8 pm. Consult the official website to obtain further information on the schedule.

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  • OPENING 01.07 - 27.08
  • TRANSPORTS Funiculars - Cable cars